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About Us

Who is American Therapy Pets (ATP)?

American Therapy Pets, Inc. (ATP) is a non-profit charitable organization that relies on donations to cover its operating expenses. ATP brings trained, certified and insured therapy pets for use in social or therapeutic interactions where emotional, psychological or physical support is needed. We deliver services in settings such as schools, hospitals, nursing centers or any place where an animal’s joy and love may bring comfort. Our therapy pets are trained, screened and certified before they are allowed to conduct visits. They are also covered by insurance while on duty.

Our Mission

The American Therapy Pets' mission is to positively influence psychological, emotional and physical well-bing to children and adults using animal-assisted therapy.

Our Vision

The American Therapy Pets' vision is to improve the lives for many people by expanding our services to schools, hospitals, senior care facilities, nursing centers, disaster shelters and our military, through internal growth and alliances.

Meet The Team


All  members, directors, staff and volunteers donate their time to ATP and are not compensated for their contributions.

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