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Therapy Pets

American Therapy Pets, Inc. (ATP) is a non-profit charitable organization that brings trained, certified and insured therapy pets for use in social or therapeutic interactions where emotional, psychological or physical support is needed.  ATP is made possible by your donations.
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Therapy Pets at Work

Therapy pets give their services in hospitals, nursing or retirement homes, schools, disaster relief centers, counseling offices and virtually any environment where they are needed.

Joan's Honor Flight Picture

ATP at military children's halloween

ATP members with their therapy pets at San Diego Harley Davidson military children’s Halloween party

Donner family embraces Harley, an ATP pet at military vet homecoming

Patient and ATP member

ATP pet comforting a hospital patient

WWII Vet, ATP Member, and ATP Pet

Annual Honor Flight - Greeting WWII Vets at San Diego International Airport

Annual Honor Flight - WWII Vets Reception at San Diego Airport.

ATP teams conducting visits at USO San Diego.

ATP teams supporting the 2014 San Diego Harley Davidson Halloween Party for military children

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge.  When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place and becomes one of the Angels with Tails.


Learn more about Angels with Tails.

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